ERI Ungheria

European Research Institute Hungary is a non-profit that aims to promote research for innovation both in the scientific field and within society in general. Its objective is to improve the economic, cultural, educational and health conditions of European citizens, as well as to promote, through its activities, respect for the environment, the territory and living beings. The organization promotes non-profit social solidarity through scientific research and innovative and practical solutions. In 2016, the European Research Institute founded an affiliated institution in Hungary with the same values and objectives: to act for the well-being of citizens in Europe through scientific and social activities.

ERI HUNGARY uses all the instruments, including those of a legal nature, with the aim of:

  • social and scientific research activities targeted at groups with different specificities;
  • wide-ranging research and action to achieve cultural, social and scientific objectives;
  • strengthening cooperation between professionals in the public, private and civil society sectors;
  • support and knowledge-sharing activities;
  • the involvement and implementation of scientific research activities;
  • support for the activities of social workers, teachers and trainers;
  • innovative ways and methods for lifelong learning;
  • create new opportunities for people with difficulties, disabilities, social disadvantage;
  • the sharing of experiences, the development of cooperation between important partners from different sectors, at national and international level;
  • collecting and sharing the results of good practices and projects;
  • research carried out within and outside the European Union, involving organisations, bodies and civil society and the target group;
  • support an adequate standard of living and working conditions.