After 65

Alessandria/Solero (AL)
Working Group
ERI, Regione Piemonte
Alessandria/Solero (AL)
August 2023- May2024

Through the constant and productive dialogue between the European Research Institute Foundation and the San Michele Prison in Alessandria, and in particular with the legal-pedagogical officials, an often hidden reality has emerged. A significant number of inmates over 65 years of age do not have the concrete possibility of carrying out an alternative measure to detention in prison (at their home or in another public place of care, assistance and reception) by making use of art. 47 ter, paragraph 1 of the Penitentiary System (o.p), due to the lack of adequate networks to be activated outside the prison walls. 

After 65 project aims to take charge, through an integrated and synergistic process with the relevant services (Prison, Court and Surveillance Office, Social Services – CISSACA – UEPE), of two over sixty-five year old prisoners in the San Michele prison who meet the requirements for access the alternative measure, as required by law.

They will be placed in a context of independent living, where they will receive assistance from a team of professionals and competent figures who will provide guidance and support in accessing local services and promote the active integration of beneficiaries into the community of the host region.

A second line of action of the After 65 project involves the implementation of a series of workshops aimed at individuals over the age of 65, inmates or not, to promote the use of various digital tools available to the population, bridging the technological gap that hinders the elderly, even more so in the case of detention, from accessing a wide range of digitalized public and private services.

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