Preparedness for Operational Monitoring and Prediction of contaminant Transport in the Sea.

The project aims to extend the capabilities of the ICT tool developed in the framework of the DG ECHO project Be-Ready, in order to

(1) model the harbour and coastal circulation in the proximity of the Genoa harbour, one of the biggest ports of the Mediterranean Sea, which lay close to highly sensitive environmental areas;

(2) model the dispersion of volatile substances related to oil and hazardous-noxious-substances spills in the harbour of Tripoli and Aqaba;

(3) develop an algorithm for automatically detect oil spills from satellite images in order to provide to the decision support system a localisation of the area interested by the spills;

(4) develop an innovative algorithm able to track lost container in the sea;

(5) and to train and transfer the knowledge that resides in the development of decision support system tool to the local operators of partners belonging to the European Neighbourhood Policy countries (Lebanon and Jordan).