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The European Research Institute (ERI) is seeking the services of a communication consultant within the framework of the CONNECTING project – Coastal Observer Network for moNitoring the EffeCTs of clImate chaNge along the Gambia River (ENV/2018/400-378). The assignment is expected to last until the end of the project, namely 31/08/2022.

Maximum  budget

The total maximum budget for this service is 5.500,00 EUR.

Qualifications and experience required

– Degree in Communication Studies/Social Sciences/Humanities/Law/Economics;

– If applicants do not have a degree in Communication Studies, it is expected that they attended at least a training course in Communication;

– Good command of English, at least B2 level;

– Previous experience in working with non-profit organisations.

Activities required

– Provide advisory service on the project’s communication and dissemination activities;

– Support the project team in the planning and implementation of communication and dissemination activities.

Selection of Proposals

The award of this contract will be based on the following criteria:

– Price: max. 40 points

– Qualification and experience: max. 20 points

– Previous work experience: max. 20 points

– Completeness of proposal: max. 20 points

How to apply

The deadline for submission of bids is 14th February, 2022. Please submit a quotation to the ERI office in Corso Siccardi 11, Turin or to

Quotations should include:

– cost of service;

– CV or short description of the firm.

Please download the Terms of Reference TOR communication consultant (1)