SAI Alessandria

Working Group
July 2022 - December 2023

The “SAI”, or Reception and Integration System, is a project that welcomes individuals with international protection status, unaccompanied foreign minors, and foreigners who are under the administrative care of social services upon reaching adulthood. The project goes beyond merely providing food and accommodation, as it also includes measures for information, support, assistance, and guidance by constructing individual pathways for social and economic integration. Additionally, it can accommodate individuals with residence permits for special protection and special cases.

The resources allocated for the project are of  public nature, with the responsible entities being the Ministry of the Interior and local authorities. These authorities make use of so-called “management entities” to carry out the interventions. In the SAI project in Alessandria, the local authority in charge is CISSACA (Consorzio Servizi Sociali Alessandria), which has entrusted its management to the ERI ETS Foundation.

The project consists of 25 places for individuals or family units, divided into 5 apartments, all located within the city of Alessandria. Currently, it accommodates 2 family units (originating from Afghanistan and El Salvador) and 14 individuals.

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