Circoscrizione 5, Turin
Working Group
ERI, Beeozanam, Ass. Pigmenti, Ass. Minollo, Ass. Le due e un quarto
Circoscrizione 5, Turin
sSeptember 2022 - July 2023

Beecult is a cultural program centered around the themes of art, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion that characterize the activities of the community hub beeozanam in the territory of “Circoscrizione 5” of the Municipality of Turin.
The program is born as a co-production of the hub located in 14, Street Foligno, working in synergy with the resources of the local community to promote awareness and participation among the residents of the “Borgo Dora” and “Madonna di Campagna” neighborhoods in the activities of the hub and the cultural, educational, and community-building initiatives that it promotes.
Beecult has been designed to be multidisciplinary and suitable for a diverse, multi-generational audience. It includes various forms of artistic expression, ranging from art exhibitions to performing arts and musical entertainment, film screenings, theater festivals, and literary meetings. In addition to the various forms of artistic expression involving artists, organizations, and associations from the local community, the program includes workshops and meetings on environmental themes. The objective is to promote active participation from different stakeholders in the community and foster cohesion and social innovation in the neighborhoods through a diversified cultural offering.

Within the program, the ERI Foundation organizes conferences, informative meetings, and workshops on environmental sustainability, led by the journalist, science and environmental communicator, and nature guide, Franco Borgogno.

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