Vittime di reato e mediazione

Alessandria and Turin
Working Group
Regione Piemonte. Partners: Rete Dafne, Ass. Orientamente, Fondazione ERI ETS con Associazione Diritto & Rovescio-InMediaRes APS (partner in RTI di ERI).
Alessandria and Turin
June 2023 - june 2024 (Piedmont Region, SUVIRE E MEDIARE) december 2023 - december 2026 (Supporto alle Vittime - Cassa Ammende)

Assistance and support interventions for crime victims

The European Research Institute is committed to co-designing proposals to support victims of crime. The objective is to activate welcoming, listening and support spaces for victims, encouraging the spread of restorative justice and mediation as a tool for conflict resolution.

The interventions are aimed at victims but also at perpetrators, and they can also involve family members or anyone who has suffered as a result of the crime (secondary victims). 

Activities planned aimed at:

  • build a restorative model that connects, at a local level, victim assistance activities and that encourages dialogue and discussion between operators of the different services;.
  • raise awareness of the opportunity and possible implications of criminal mediation and restorative justice.
  • prepare, in situations of intra-family crimes, specialized interventions to support conflict management and, where possible, mediation (criminal, conflict, family).
  • Support  and provide assistance, in particular, to migrant/foreign victims of crime.

For more info: Mizar Forioso